Seminar: Dr. Tengfei Luo, University of Notre Dame

  • 2015-07-21
  • Seminar: Dr. Tengfei Luo, University of Notre Dame
Dr. Tengfei Luo's presentation

Dr. Tengfei Luo visited to the University of Hong Kong to give a seminar. His presentation was held in CPD-2.14 on Centennial Campus on May 11, 2015. His presentation was entitled “Understanding and Engineering Polymer Thermal Transport from the Molecular Level.” Dr. Tengfei Luo is an assistant professor in Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at University of Notre Dame, USA. He has received his Ph. D from Michigan State University in Mechanical Engineering in 2009 and worked as a postdoctoral associate in MIT until 2012. His research interests include atomistic simulations and experimental study of nanoscale heat transfer and molecular level mass transfer. Of special interest to his group are thermal transport across material interfaces, first-principle characterization of phonon transport, and pump-probe measurement of thermal conductivity and interfacial thermal conductance.