Journal Papers

  • 23.

    Y. Luo, Y. H. Wu, B. Li, J. N. Tian, J. K. Qu, S. P. Feng, Paul K. Chu, Optimization and Cutting-edge Design of Fuel-cell Hybrid Electric Vehicles, submitted.

  • 22.

    Y. H. Wu, J. K. Qu, X. Zhang, K. Ao, Z. W. Zhou, Z. Zheng, Y. Mu, X. Wu, Y. Luo, S. P. Feng, Anti-Drying and Anti-Freezing Organohydrogel-Based Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Biomechanical Energy Harvesting, submitted.

  • 21.

    Y. Luo, D. Wu, Z. Li, Y. H. Wu, Paul K. Chu, S. P. Feng, J. Qu, H. Chen, X. Y. Li, MoSe2 Synchronously Activated by Plasma Etching and Doping for Efficient Non-Enzymatic Sensing of Hydrogen Peroxide in Ultra-Wide pH Range, submitted.

  • 20.

    W. T. Wang, C. H. Chiang, Q. Zhang, J. H. Tsai, C. G. Wu, S. P. Feng, Simultaneous Surface Passivation and Enhanced Built-in Electric Field Using Trifluoromethanesulfonate Anion in Perovskite Solar Cells, submitted.

  • 19.

    M. Chen, S. Hu, S. H. Lee, N. Huang, Z. W. Zhou, Y. Zhang, R. Cheng, J. H. Yang, Z. Xu, Y. Liu, H. K. Lee, X. Huan, S. P. Feng, H. Shum, B. P. Chan, S. K. Seol, J. Y. Pyo, J. T. Kim, Three-dimensional-printed Perovskite Nanopixels for Ultra-high-resolution Color Displays and Multi-level Anticounterfeiting, submitted.

  • 18.

    YLuo, Y. H. Wu, B Li, Rick T. Mo, Larry Y. Li, S. P. Feng, Paul K. Chu, Development of Fuel Cells in the Automobile Industry: A Mini-Review, submitted.

  • 17.

    X. Kong, Z. Li, Y. Jiang, Z. Xu, S. P. Feng, G. Zhou, J. M. Liu, J. Gao, Improving Stability and Efficiency of Perovskite Solar Cells Enhanced by A Cerotic Acid Interfacial Layer, submitted.

  • 16.

    J. Yang, M. J. Chen, H. Lee, Z. Y. Xu, Z. W. Zhou, S. P. Feng, J. T. Kim, 3D Printing of Self-assembled Dipeptides, submitted.

  • 15.

    Y. Cheng, J. Gong, B. Cao, X. Xu, P. Jing, R. Cheng, S. P. Feng, B. Liu, R. Gao, J. Zhang, Ultrafine VN Nanodots Induced Generation of Abundant Cobalt Single-Atom Active Sites on Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanotubes Array for Efficient Hydrogen Evolution, submitted.


  • 14.

    Y. Zhang, S. C. Fu, K. C. Chan, R. Cheng, S. P. Feng, C. Y. H. ChaoWood-Based Flutter-Driven Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Wind Energy Harvesting, in preparation.

  • 13.

    L. Wang, R. Cheng, W. Wang, G. Yang, M. K.H. Leung, F. Liu, S. P. Feng, Dual-Electrolyte Aluminum/Air Microfluidic Fuel Cell with Electrolyte-Recirculation, submitted.


  • 12.

    C. Liu, Q. Li, S. Wang, W. Liu, N. X. Fang, S. P. FengStretchable Ionic Hydrogel Module with Ultrahigh Thermopower for Low-grade Heat Harvesting, submitted.

  • 11.

    X. Kong, Z. Li, Y. Jiang, Z. Xu, S. P. Feng, G. Zhou , J. M. Liu, J. Gao, Natural Honeycomb Materials Enabling Moisture Stability for High Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cells, submitted.

  • 10.

    S. Liu, C. Y. Tso, H. H. Lee, K. M. Yu, S. P. Feng, B. Huang, Optically Transparent VOThermochromic Wood for Smart Windows, submitted.


  • 9.

    S. Liu, Y. W. Du, C. Y. Tso, H. H. Lee, R. Cheng, S. P. Feng and K. M. Yu, Organic Hybrid Perovskite (MAPbI3-xClx) for Thermochromic Smart Window with Strong Optical Regulation Ability, Low Transition Temperature and Narrow Hysteresis Width, Advanced Functional Materials, accepted.

  • 8.

    W. Chen, B. Han, Q. Hu, M. Gu, Y. Zhu, W. Yang, Y. Zhou, D. Luo, F. Z. Liu, R. Cheng, B. Tu, X. Feng, R. Zhu, S. P. Feng, A. B. Djurišić, T. P. Russell, Z. He, Interfacial Stabilization for Inverted Perovskite Solar Cells with Long-term Stability, Science Bulletin, accepted.

  • 7.

    Z. Zhou, Q. Wu, R. Cheng, H. Zhang, S. Wang, M. Chen, M. Xie, P. K. L. Chan, M. Grätzel, S. P. Feng, Orientation-Engineered Small-Molecule Semiconductors as Dopant-Free Hole Transporting Materials for Efficient and Stable Perovskite Solar Cells, Advanced Functional Materials, accepted.


  • 6.

    Z. Zheng, Y. T. Huang, Z. Wang, M. Zhang, C. C. Chung, S. J. Cherng, W. T. Wang, Y. H. Tsai, P. C. Li, Z. Lu, C. M. Chen, S. P. Feng, Electrodeposition of (111)-Oriented and Nanotwin-Doped Nanocrystalline Cu with Ultrahigh Strength for 3D IC Application, Nanotechnology, accepted.

  • 5.

    R. Cheng, C. C. Chung, S. Wang, B. Cao, M. Zhang, M. Chen, S. Shen, S. P. FengThree-Dimensional Self-Attaching Perovskite Quantum Dots/Polymer Platform for Efficient Solar-Driven CO2 Reduction, Materials Today Physics, published online.


  • 3.

    P. C. Chiang, Y. A. Shen, S. P. Feng, C. M. Chen, Electrodeposition of Twinned Cu with Strong Texture Effect on Voiding Propensity in Electroplated Cu Solder Joints, Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 167, 162516, 2021. 

  • 5.

    S. Sorcar, S. Yoriya, H. Lee, C. Grimes, S. P. Feng, A Review of Recent Progress in Gas Phase CO2 Reduction and Suggestions on Future Advancement, Materials Today Chemistry16, 100264, 2020.

  • 16.

    A. Khan, C. Liang, Y. T. Huang, C. Zhang, J. Cai, S. P. Feng, W. D. Li, Template‐Electrodeposited and Imprint-Transferred Microscale Metal-Mesh Transparent Electrodes for Flexible and Stretchable Electronics, Advanced Engineering Materials21, 1900723, 2019.

  • 15.

    M. Chen, J. Yang, Z. Wang, Z. Xu, H. Lee, H. Lee, Z. Zhou, S. P. Feng, S. Lee, J. Pyo, S. K. Seol, D. K. Ki, J. T. Kim, 3D Nanoprinting of Perovskites, Advanced Materials31, 1904073, 2019 (Featured as front cover) 

  • 5.

    Z. Xu, M. Chen, H. Lee, S. P. Feng, J. Y. Park, S. Lee, J. T. Kim, X-ray-Powered MicromotorsACS Applied Materials & Interfaces11, 15727-15732, 2019.