Journal Papers

  • 21.

    W. Chen, B. Han, Q. Hu, M. Gu, Y. Zhu, W. Yang, Y. Zhou, D. Luo, F. Z. Liu, R. Cheng, B. Tu, X. Feng, R. Zhu, S. P. Feng, A. B. Djurišić, T. P. Russell, Z. He, Interfacial Stabilization for Inverted Perovskite Solar Cells with Long-Term Stability, submitted.

  • 20.

    P. C. Chiang, Y. A. Shen, S. P. Feng, C. M. Chen, Void Suppression Comparison of <111>-preferred with <110>-preferred Twinned Cu in Sn-3 wt.% Ag-0.5 wt.% Cu/Cu Joint, submitted.

  • 19.

    Z. Zheng, Y. T. Huang, Z. Wang, M. Zhang, C. C. Chung, S. J. Cherng, W. T. Wang, Y. H. Tsai, P. C. Li, Z. Lu, C. M. Chen, S. P. Feng, Ultrahigh-strength Electroplated Homogeneous Nanocrystalline Copper, submitted.

  • 18.

    R. Cheng, C. C. Chung, S. Wang, B. Cao, M. Zhang, M. Chen, S. Shen, S. P. FengThree-Dimensional Self-Attaching Perovskite Quantum Dots/Polymer Platform for Efficient Solar-Driven CO2 Reduction, submitted.


  • 17.

    Y. Wang, A. B. Djurišić, W. Chen, F. Liu, R. Cheng, S. P. Feng, A. M. C. Ng, Z. He, Metal oxide charge transport layers in perovskite solar cells - optimising low temperature processing and improving the interfaces towards low temperature processed, efficient and stable devices, submitted.


  • 16.

    S. Liu, C. Y. Tso, H. H. Lee, K. M. Yu, S. P. Feng, B. Huang, Optically Transparent VOThermochromic Wood for Smart Windows, submitted.


  • 15.

    C. Cheng, Y. Dai, J. Yu, C. Liu, S. Wang, S. P. Feng, M. NiReview of Liquid-based Systems to Recover Low-grade Waste Heat for Electrical Energy Generation, submitted.

  • 14.

    J. Chen, Z. Wang, J. Mao, C. Liu, Z. Lu, Y. Chen, S.P. Feng, Bimetallic Ag-Cu Nanosheets Assembled Flower-like Structure for Oxygen Reduction Reaction, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, accepted.

  • 12.

    P. Swetha, J. Chen, A. S. Kumar, S. P. Feng, High index facets-Ag nanoflower enabled efficient electrochemical detection of lead in blood serum and cosmetics, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, accepted.

  • 11.

    R. Cheng, S. P. Feng, Role of Formamidinium in the Crystallization of FAxMA1-xPbI3-yCly Perovskite via Recrystallization-Assisted Bath-Immersion Sequential Ambient Deposition, Journal of Power Sourcesaccepted.

  • 10.

    J. N. Liu, M. C. Sil, R. Cheng, S. P. Feng, C. M. Chen, Surface silanization of polyimide for autocatalytic metallization, The Journal of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (JOM), accepted.

  • 8.

    Z. Wang, H. Lee, J. Chen, M. Wu, D.Y.C. Leung, C. A. Grimes, Z. Lu, Z. Xu, S. P. Feng, Synergistic effects of Pd–Ag bimetals and g-C3N4 photocatalysts for selective and efficient conversion of gaseous CO2, Journal of Power Sources, published online.

  • 6.

    B. Peng, X. Ji, M. Chu, J. Liu, Y. Li, M. Chen, Z. Zhou, C. Zhang, Q. Miao, H. Dong, B. Huang, W. Hu, S. P. Feng, W. D. Li, K. L. Chan, A Transfer Method for Organic Semiconductor Towards High-mobility, Bias-stable, and Flexible Field Effect Transistors, Advanced Materials Technologiespublished online.

  • 5.

    S. Sorcar, S. Yoriya, H. Lee, C. Grimes, S. P. Feng, A Review of Recent Progress in Gas Phase CO2 Reduction and Suggestions on Future Advancement, Materials Today Chemistry, published online.

  • 4.

    J. Wang, Z. Xiong, M. Liu, X. M. Li, J. Zheng, X. Zhan, W. Ding, J. Chen, X. Li, X. Li, S. P. Feng, J. Tang, Rational Design of Reversible Redox Shuttle for Highly Efficient Light-Driven Microswimmer, ACS Nano, accepted.

  • 16.

    A. Khan, C. Liang, Y. T. Huang, C. Zhang, J. Cai, S. P. Feng, W. D. Li, Template‐Electrodeposited and Imprint-Transferred Microscale Metal-Mesh Transparent Electrodes for Flexible and Stretchable Electronics, Advanced Engineering Materials21, 1900723, 2019.

  • 15.

    M. Chen, J. Yang, Z. Wang, Z. Xu, H. Lee, H. Lee, Z. Zhou, S. P. Feng, S. Lee, J. Pyo, S. K. Seol, D. K. Ki, J. T. Kim, 3D Nanoprinting of Perovskites, Advanced Materials31, 1904073, 2019 (Featured as front cover) 

  • 5.

    Z. Xu, M. Chen, H. Lee, S. P. Feng, J. Y. Park, S. Lee, J. T. Kim, X-ray-Powered MicromotorsACS Applied Materials & Interfaces11, 15727-15732, 2019.