Photo :: Heat :: Electrochemistry :: Energy


Our research focuses on the development of electrochemical technologies and materials for energy recycling and conversion. Our work is interdisciplinary and combines mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, and materials science. We focus on the following three research topics. 


(1) Thermo-electrochemical energy conversion


Development of new thermo-electrochemical systems and materials for efficiently converting low-  grade heat to electricity, which is vital to abate greenhouse-gas emissions and also promises potential economic and environmental benefits.


(2) Photo-electrochemical energy conversion


Development of high-efficiency and stable perovskite solar cell (PVSC) for indoor light recycling and power wireless devices to collect big data for the future IoT nodes. The self-powered characteristic can reduce the use of batteries and avoid battery replacement.


(3) Photo-electrocatalyst


Development of highly selective and efficient photo-electrocatalysts for converting CO2 to CO and hydrocarbon fuels (e.g. CH4), which paves the way for a closing anthropogenic carbon cycle.