Dr. Tony Shien-Ping Feng

CCST9016   Energy: Its Evolution and Environmental Impacts


Energy is essential to our daily lives. Electricity, fuel gas and fuel oil have brought us much convenience, luxury and prosperity. However, our present heavy reliance on fossil fuels has caused a serious energy crisis, air pollution and climate change problems. Active technological development is needed on both the supply and demand sides to enhance the energy industry to achieve sustainability. This course is designed to enable students to develop a broader perspective and critical understanding of energy issues that they are confronted with, to cultivate their appreciation of various viewpoints and responsibilities as global and local citizens, and to develop their problem-solving ability through lectures and discussion of the key energy and environmental issues. The course topics include:


1. World energy resources

2. Fossil fuel-based, nuclear and hydro energy technologies

3. Energy conservation and energy efficiency

4. Clean and renewable energy technologies

5. Scheme of control and deregulation in electricity supply

6. Environmental impacts of energy industry

7. Social, economic and political issues

8. Remedial measures and policies.

BBSE2008   Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering


Course Contents

1. Introduction and Basic Psychrometry 

2. Thermal Comfort

3. Load and Energy Calculations

4. Mechanical Ventilation

5. Principles of refrigeration

6. Principles of refrigeration: Condenser & Evaporator

7. Principles of refrigeration: Expansion & Compression

8. Principles of refrigeration: Absorption cycle

9. Air-side system

10. Evaporative cooling

11. Boiler system / Heat recovery

MECH6033   Energy Conservation and Management


This is an introductory course by which students can understand the knowledge of conserving and managing the use of energy.


Course Contents

1. Introduction: Energy Consumption, Pollution, and Waste    

2. Energy Conservation and Management in Building Envelope (Roof, Window)

3. Energy Conservation and Management in HVAC (Refrigeration cycle, Absorption cycle, Evaporative cooling, Clean room)

4. Waste Energy Storage: Thermal storage, Pump hyrdo, CAES

5. Waste Heat Recovery: Heat pipe, Heat pump, Stirling Engine, Thermoelectric

6. Water Problem:  Rain water collection / water purification

7. Waste management (food, solid waste…)